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Remember Mark 12:41-44 about A Widow's Offering...

This book is:

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The book: Let Our Voices Be Heard!

The voice of Christian lesbians is not heard a lot. In the north-western part of Europe you can read something in the newspapers every once in a while, but elsewhere? It’s more and more quiet when you move south or east.

This book changes that! It’s a collection of stories of women from 26 European countries from different Christian churches and movements: catholic and protestant, Lutheran and Calvinistic, orthodox and Pentecostal. Also an ex-Jehovah’s witness and an ex-Mormon tell their story, and women who came from a Christian background and made their way into Islam and Buddhism.

They are all women who live their life fully. Women who work in the church or doing something completely different. Women living alone or in a relationship, sometimes with children. Women of all ages, from 20 to 65 years old.

Enjoy, hear our voices!


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